Wednesday, April 9, 2008

General Conference Cinnamon Rolls in the Dutch Oven

Like I said before, at our church's Televised General Conference, I decided to relive and revive our old family tradition of making sweet cinnamon rolls in the morning. Normally, we would have done this on Sunday morning, but now that I live out here in Utah, we watch conference on Saturday, too. So, I did the rolls on Saturday morning.

General Conference Cinnamon Rolls

12” dutch oven
8-9 coals below 16-17 above

  • 1 Tbsp dry yeast
  • ½ Cup warm water
  • ½ Cup warm milk
  • 1/3 Cup sugar
  • 1/3 Cup shortening
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 1 egg
  • 3-4 Cups flour
  • 2 Tbsp softened butter
  • ¼ Cup Sugar
  • 2 tsp ground cinnamon
  • Small handful of brown sugar
  • A few shakes of ground ginger

So, I got up really early and started this off. I let the yeast activate and foam up in the water. I added all the other ingredients (except the flour) and mixed all that up. Then, I started adding in the flour, a cup or two at a time. I don’t remember exactly how many it took for me this time.

Then, I started kneading it on the table. I added shakes of flour onto the table as I go along. I’ve been learning that in the past I’ve not been kneading it enough. This time, as with the last time I made a yeast bread, I kneaded it until I felt it loosen up. It takes a while, maybe 8-10 minutes. Then I set it aside to raise.

It raised slowly, and took about an hour and a half to double. Once it had doubled, I put it back on the floured tabletop and rolled it out flat, into a square (or as close to it as I could get). I spread the butter over the surface, and then sprinkled it with the mix of cinnamon and sugar (we actually had some already mixed).

Then I rolled it up, and sliced it into one inch lengths. These I set into an oiled 12” shallow dutch oven. Once all those rolls were in the oven, I set it aside to raise. That took about another 40 minutes. Even with that, it didn’t really raise like I’d expected it to. I sprinkled the brown sugar over the tops of the raised rolls, and then shook some ground ginger on top of that. Not much, though.

I put that on the coals, and let it bake for about 40 minutes. When it was all done, they were delicious!


  1. It's funny that you do that, because we do General Conference Cinnamon Rolls, too! But we use a cream cheese and powdered sugar glaze on ours...

  2. Oh, yeah! That sounds great! That would almost make the rolls as heavenly as the conference!

  3. I don't have any special occasion to try this recipe for, but I may have to make one up. It sounds wonderful. I love me some cinnamon rolls.

  4. I don't think you need a special occasion- sounds like they would be heavenly anytime.

  5. I make cinnamon rolls too but - use instant yeast so no need to test it - use butter instead of oil - honey instead of sugar and I was told by a baker to use 1/3 as much salt as you use yeast so - have stuck by that. Also, have added applesauce or peach sauce to dough just for fun. I don't measure butter, sugar or cinnamon - just spread the butter on the rolled out dough, sprinkle liberally with either or both white or brown sugar and sprinkle connamon from the cannister as looks good. Frosting is anything I think about with butter base using milk, orange juice, applejuice, etc. as liquid and adding cream cheese or sour cream when available - and always a touch of lemon.

  6. Wow! Lots of good ideas!

    That point about the salt and yeast makes sense. I've read that too much salt kills the yeast.

    How much applesauce would you add? And would you lessen the sugar, or just add in the applesauce...?


  7. Applesauce or peaches are just added - I con't change the sugar/honey. Liquid will change but just add a bit more flour and maybe you will have one or two more C. rolls. Peaches are run through the blender - juice and all so yep! a bit sweeter taste but it is a sugar kill anyway by the time you are done. I never knew homemade cinnamon rolls to be anything but a "sugar" high!!
    Your blog is great - wish I had the time to try everything. Tomorrow will be chicken cordon blu but not in the dutch oven - same principle - different heat!!!

  8. Does the applesauce change the texture? I'm just going to have to try it!



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