Sunday, April 20, 2008

One Year Old!

Checking back in the archives, I just noticed something fun. As of last week, the Black Pot is one year old!

As I mentioned when I first created this blog, it all got started when my dear wife bought me a Lodge 12" regular dutch oven for Father's Day. I've been cooking in it ever since. I've also added five more to my collection since then.

I'm kinda curious, folks, where you're from. In the year I've been doing this, I've gotten some good contact from folks that read here, but I'm curious where everyone is reading. Post a comment and just check in and say what city or state or region you live in.


  1. I'm in Salt Lake and I'm not even a dutch oven cook, I just like keeping up on other blogs that are in Utah. Congratulations on one year!

  2. Ranes Carter
    Lehi, UT

    * Current Director of Storm Mountain

    * Current IDOS Forums Moderator

    * Chair for the Lehi Rodeo Cook-Off during Rodeo Week (2007, 2008)

    * Chair the the Chapter Last Chance Cook-Off (2007, 2008)

    * "A really nice guy, even if he is stressed"


  3. Watertown, NY
    That's way upstate not the city! Think Canada- well, almost. I've had my 12- inch several years but just recently have gotten into the whole DO scene. Don't belong to any society but I didn't know they had pins so I'll have to look into that. I don't know of any chapters in my immediate area :( Well, you can see my progress on my blog, it's only been a month or so.

  4. Hey Mark, Congrats on making it a year. I enjoy reading your trials and victorys cooking in the ole Black Pots. I also admire your fearlesness in attempting new dishes and explaining the details of how you did it. You Rock!!!!

    Dennis, Indianola Ia.

  5. Ted From SLC, UT ...Keep it up Mark I enjoy your Blog

  6. Hay Mark! Congrats on making the one year mark and a BIG THANKS for allowing us to share in your adventure.

    My name is Pat, and I'm from Meridian, Idaho.

  7. Wow! Thanks so much for all your kind comments. It's also cool to see visitors and posters from all over! I hope to hear from you lots over the next year!

  8. Hi, I'm from Richmond, TX (near Houston).

    I have to teach a group of Young Women to cook in Dutch ovens tonight. Fun! I got out my ovens and realized that they needed to be stripped and reseasoned. That self cleaning oven stinks.

    This is my first time visiting your blog. It was interesting. I guess your wife created a monster when she gave you your first oven. ;-)

  9. Thanks for visiting!

    There are others who would say that my wife married a monster and has spent the next 20 years trying to refine him!



  10. Hey Mark, Congrats on the year. I stop in now and again.
    In Nebraska but heading home to Texas by fall.

  11. I've lived here and there across the country, but I'm living in Kentucky, now.

  12. Mark from Toledo OH. Ever build that tandoor? I'm getting close to starting that pizza oven. Congrats on the one year and looking forward to the next year.

  13. Mark, no, sorry, I didn't. I love tandoori chicken, and the plans looked pretty easy and even fascinating.

    In the end, I don't do indian enough to warrant the effort or the storage space for a full tandoor.

    And thanks for hanging out for a year!


  14. Hello Mark.
    I was searching blog sites for Dutch Oven cooking and came across your blog. You have some great looking recipes that I look forward to trying out. I also have a new blog that I started today.

    I hope I make it a whole year as well; congratulations!!

    Oh yeah,
    I live in Logan Utah.
    I have participated in several cook-offs, including the United States Championship at Wheeler Park and the World Championship in Salt Lake City at the Doug Miller Outdoor Expo. It was a TON of FUN and I got to meet a lot of really great people. - Maybe we've met?

    I'm a past member of IDOS. I got busy with life and family and stopped participating in the cook off scene, but I look forward to getting started again. I never placed in the top 3 at any of the events I participated in but there's always next year!!

    I Do have a wonderful recipe for a roasted turkey breast in sweet onion jam that I'll post on my blog.
    That recipe won the judges' 2nd place vote one day at the World Championship, and 1st place vote on the day of the finals.
    It's one of those recipes that people wonder about until they taste it; then WOW!!

    If you have any tip on cooking bread, I'd love to hear them. I'm really lacking in that area and would love to improve.

    Thanks for letting me post and I hope you all have a great holiday.




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