Saturday, November 24, 2007

World-wide Dutch Ovening

I just got this link from the Dutch Oven Cooking Yahoogroup. Great group, by the way.

It shows the website of the JDOS, the Japanese Dutch Oven Society. Who knew there even was one? So often, when we think of cooking in the dutch ovens, we think of the American west, but it truly is beyond our borders. There were pictures at the site from their annual cookoff. At least I guess it’s annual, I can’t read Japanese, but that’s sort of the implication. What I found fascinating about it was that with the exception of their faces, those pictures could have been shot at any dutch oven gathering or cookoff here in America. The same smiles, the same eager cooks, even some of the same recipes as we have here.

And, of course, the same dutch ovens!

In my mind, it just goes to support my theory that if we truly wanted world peace, we’d just get everyone in the world to sit down to dinner. No agendas, no summits, no arguments, just food.

And actually, asian food is one cuisine that I've not really explored much yet in my dutch oven, other than my foray into India. I'd really love to hear if anyone out there has done any asian dishes, and what those recipes were!

In the meantime, I’d encourage you to click into the site and check out the pictures. Get to know dutch oven cooks all over the world!


  1. Mark,
    I have cooked several Chinese and 2 Japanese recipes in my Dutch ovens. I am currently writing a article for IDOS on cooking unconventional foods in D.O.'s Dave Cole is looking for 3 recipes I used for a cook off and as soon as I get them I'll post them in castironitis here at blogger. The other night though I made Tomato Beef Chow Mein with Pan Fried Noodles in my 10" it was to good!

  2. I saw the same posting and was also very surprised but not at the same time. A lot of American "things" get over to Japan that you would not expect. Sometimes the Old West stuff is a big hit in Japan, although, this looked like a small crowd.

    On a side note before the PC police get you, people are never referred to as Oriental. As my girlfriend says, things can be Oriental but not people. For example, oriental salad and oriental umbrellas but not oriental people or oriental faces.



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