Friday, August 7, 2009

Putting on the DOG

Planning a DOG isn't easy, you know? I've been trying to get through to city hall to register the park pavilion, and there's just a lot of personal scheduling stuff getting in the way of that, but I'm confident I'll have it all set really soon.

I've also been thinking about what to cook. I think I'd like to do a really nice bread, maybe a sourdough. I've been wondering whether to go simple or fancy. I probably should go simple, but I do so love to go fancy!

I was thinking about the salmon for a Coulibiac. I haven't done that one in years. Or, I've been thinking about doing a minestrone soup. I haven't ever done that...

Are any of my Utah followers going to be able to make it? I'd love to have a chance to meet some of you face to face! Those that are coming, post a comment, and tell us what you might like to cook!

Here's the official information:

Eagle Mountain DOG

Come celebrate Mark's birthday (of the Mark's Black Pot blog), by cooking in iron!

Saturday, August 22nd, at Walden Park in the Eagle Mountain City Center (4201-4457 N Frontier St, Eagle Mountain, UT 84005). A link to a google map is here: The park is just to the south of the church. For any questions about directions or arrival, call Mark at 801-455-7375

Cooking will begin at about 2:00 for a dinner call at 5:00 to 5:30 There are playground facilities in the park, so families and kids are welcome.

I would appreciate an RSVP contact at, but it's OK to just show up, too!

Mark has discovered a love of Dutch Oven Cooking. Mark also has other sites and blogs, including and his MoBoy blog.


  1. I must say, I was a little disappointed that this article wasn't about eating dogs. Like, ruff-ruff dogs.

  2. I will totally be there, with stuffed mushrooms. If they're gross, I'm playing the novice card.



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