Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Dutch Oven Italian Remakes this Weekend

In the last few days, I've done a couple of recipes I've done before. So, it was nothing new, but any chance I get for some outdoor cooking, I'm going to go for.

We did some changeups, though, and in some cases that helped and in others it didn't.

The first was lasagne in my 12" dutch oven. One thing I did that I think worked really well was to sautee the onions and the garlic after browning the sausage, using some of the sausage drippings. After those were done, we mixed them in with the sauce.

Another change which I didn't think would be that big of a deal (but turned out to make a big difference) was forgetting to start the stack with sauce. I started with noodles on the bottom. Since the noodles start uncooked, there was little moisture at the bottom to cook that lowest layer of noodle. They were tough and chewy, almost like they were fried. Not good. The rest of the stack tasted great, though. So, I learned my lesson. Start with the sauce!

Then, yesterday, my son convinced me to make pizza with him. As we worked on it (he on the sauce, I on the crust), we decided to use the dutch ovens. The only changeups we did were because we didn't have the right toppings. I'd used all the sausage and the mozarella for the lasagne, so we just had pepperoni and ham, and we used cheddar jack for the cheese.

Outdoor cooking with your kids is just soo much fun.

Now, I've read that doing an overnight, refrigerated rise on pizza dough makes it taste great. I've never done that because we always seem to do pizza on impulse. One of these days I'll try it.

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