Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Politics of Food - Part II


First a Racist, then a Sexist

I’m a basically religious guy.

I know this might surprise you, but in spite of that, I don’t agree with everything that other religious people say.

Recently, I’ve been participating in a discussion of the roles of women in Christian churches.  Some say that young women should be trained and raised up to be wives, mothers, and homemakers.  Others say that they should pursue careers and seek fulfillment beyond the home.  Some say that husbands and wives can balance their home, family, and career roles.

...And somehow food gets caught in the middle.  “Girls should be taught to cook and clean and care for her husband and children!”  “I’m not going to sit at home baking pies and breads!” “Make me dinner!” “Make it yourself!”

Which to me is sad.  Because I think of food and cooking as an enjoyable part of my life, not a symbol of my oppression or of my enlightenment.  I LIKE to cook.  My son LIKES to cook.  My wife is a great cook.   My sister is an excellent chef, and she married another one.  She and he have both taught me much of what I know about food.  My mother was a great cook, and a devout feminist. Now, as her health fails, my father cooks for her daily.

Why should baking a pie represent anything more or less than having a great time making something delicious?  Baking bread is cathartic and wonderful.  Why is that symbolic of oppression?

C’mon.  It’s just food, people...

Next, we're back to recipes.  I promise.  Really.

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