Monday, March 1, 2010

A Second Dutch Oven Challenge

Last month, my pal Andy challenged me to a cookin' duel, cast iron chef style.  The rules were simple, We each chose three ingredients and the other person had to make a one-pot meal that included those ingredients.  It was a lot of fun, and generated a lot of interest.

So, I'm doing it again.  Here are the rules for this round.  Most of them are the same, but I'm going to change them up a little bit, however.

  • It doesn't have to be a one-pot dish.  As long as all of the ingredients end up on the same plate, I don't care how simple or complex the process is.
  • Once again, the players can add any other ingredients they choose, but the final dish must include all three preset ingredients.
  • The recipe must be your own original creation.  Search the web and the cookbooks for inspiration, but do your own thang.  Here and here are some good posts on making up recipes.
  • Rather than require Andy, or anyone else, to come back with a challenge for me, I'm going to also do these same three ingredients.
  • I'm going to open this one up to everyone that reads this blog.  Check out the list, and if you're in on the challenge, cook it up.  Then, email me with either your recipe (and pics, if you take any) or a link to where you wrote it up on your blog or website.

So, here are the new challenge ingredients

  • Meat: Beef (any cut or form of it you want)
  • Veggie/fruit: Leek, scallion, or green onion, etc...
  • Spice/flavoring: Cinnamon

I'm also going to post this to the IDOS forums, and see what excitement we can stir up there.


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  1. Wow... that cinnamon is going to be tricky. However, not to let a good challenge go unanswered, I hearby accept. This one really will push the envelope. I thought I had you when I gave you pork and orange. What to cook...?




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