Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Shameless Plug for a Great Organization and Book

As they prepare for this year's World Championship Dutch Oven Cookoff, at the Sportsman's Expo in Sandy Utah, each cooking team has to submit their recipes in advance.  This is for two reasons:  One is to have them be verified to make sure that they comply with all the rules, and the other is so that all the recipes can be compiled and published in an annual cookbook.

Now you have a chance to cook with the greats!  For only $15 (+ $3.50 S&H), you can have this commemorative cookbook, and see what's being made at the contest of the best Dutch Oven Chefs in the world.

The Top Ten Reasons to Get Your Copy of the 2010 IDOS World Championship Cookoff Cookbook!

  1. It's sure to be a NY Times Bestseller.  Someday.
  2. It's full of recipes by winners
  3. They've been tried and tested in competition.
  4. These recipes aren't bland ol' out-of-the box, open-a-can slop.  Theyt're made-from-scratch culinary delights!
  5. Tired of adapting from your old Betty Crocker cookbook?  These recipes are dutch oven recipes!
  6. What, you gonna learn how to cook watching "Chopped" reruns?
  7. You can help support the IDOS, which helps support Dutch Oven cooking overall
  8. You start off searching for recipes on the net, and somehow you end up watching Weird Al videos on YouTube.
  9. It's a timeless tome that answers the deepest question life offers: "What's for dinner?"
  10. It'll make you a champion cook in your own family, in your own back yard!

So, get the book and try the recipes!  Or, get the book, come to the World Championship Cook-off, and cheer on your favorite teams!

In all seriousness, I got the book from last year's cookoff, and there are some kickin' recipes in it.  Look over the recipe titles here, and you'll see that it's well worth it. It will also help support the worthy organization of the International Dutch Oven Society.

Also, since the FTC now requires full disclosure, I must say that if you buy one, I won't make a dime.


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