Thursday, March 19, 2009

Thah Winnahs and Champpeeens!

The World Champions!

I don't do so good at competitions, myself. In my practice runs before hand the food turns out GREAT. Then, when I go and actually compete, I fall apart. At least that's what happened at Eagle Mountain last year. What a mess!

This last weekend at the International Sportsman's Expo in Sandy, UT, they had the annual IDOS World Championship Cookoff. In order to compete, you have to win a local, IDOS-sanctioned cookoff. I really wanted to be there. In fact, I had volunteered to be a cook's aide. But there was a Family Links conference for parents of disabled children that same weekend. My wife and I never miss that.

Anyway, this year my hat's off to Tori and Terry Lewis. Here's an article about it, with their winning recipes. They won with a main dish of a crown roast. I'm kinda excited about that, because I've been thinking of doing a crown roast for this year's Mother's Day Feast.

Congratulations to Tori and Terry!

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