Friday, November 28, 2008

Dutch Oven Pumpkin Pie

This is the kind of day that I like. Low key, getting a lot done but with no stress or pressure. My wife went shopping with some friends late last night/early this morning, trying singlehandedly to save the economy. So, she slept most of the day. My kids played with friends and on the computer.

Meanwhile, I got up and cleaned after the party yesterday. Last night, I had put the remains of the bird into the crockpot (I know, I know, it's not the dutch oven, but...) with some water, so this morning, there was some delicious stock. I got that portioned out and in the freezer, and pulled what meat I could off the bones.

Then I started on the Pumpkin Pie. I had thought to just bake up the pumpkins this morning, and maybe make the pie tomorrow. But it all cooked up, and life was so relaxed today, I went ahead and made the pie. I followed the directions just as I did last year. I used a hand blender to puree the pumpkin a little better, so it wasn't as stringy. Whipping up the egg whites makes it one of the lightest and fluffiest pumpkin pie I've ever tasted. I really comes out great!

And this time, I put just a smidge more shortning in the crust, and rolled it out a little thinner than I have with the apple pies of the past. It made for a great crust that was tastier and easier to work. Overall this turned out to be the best pie I've ever made. It was a real "he shoots, he scores" moment to open up the oven and see it cooked and smell the spices.

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