Monday, July 28, 2008

Dutch Oven Apple Pie

This last weekend was a pretty crazy one. Since we live in a new subdivision, and everyone on the street has been here just under two years, we’re all gradually working on our houses and yards. So, Thursday, on our day off (a Utah Holiday), our neighbors came over and asked if we wanted some free sod. Turns out that her daughter and son-in-law had ordered too much, and would we like some. We got almost a full palette.

We spent that day putting it in place. We wanted to make sure that we got a sprinkler system in place so that it didn’t all die on us from lack of water (we live, basically, in a desert). So, I’ve spent the rest of the weekend trying to makeshift that together. I think I’ve got it now, pretty much.

But I wanted to do something nice for them. They’re an older couple, no kids left at home, and they’ve sort of adopted all the neighborhood kids as grandkids. They’re really nice, and it was wonderful of them to share the sod with us. And last summer, when I made my first successful apple pie, she offered me some good advice.

So, I decided to make them an apple pie, and invite them over. And, in spite of all my efforts on the sprinkler system, it rained most of the afternoon and evening. That wasn't a problem, though. I just put the dutch oven out on the front porch.

I used my basic recipe, and it ended up tasting great. But the crust was a bit dry and hard to work with. I also went with brown sugar on top instead of white, and that tasted really good, too.

It turned out that it was the wife’s birthday, so that was a serendipitous surprise, too.


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