Sunday, June 24, 2007

Cornbread and Butter

Today, at our ward (church), we had a Primary activity all about the pioneers. I'd heard about it last week, and talked to the Primary leader about doing a dutch oven demonstration. At first we talked about doing cobbler, but after a while, we decided on cornbread, since that was likely to be a little more authentic to the saints walking across the plains.

Of course, we used Jiffy mix, so how authentic was that, anyway... :-)

It was my first experience cooking for a big group. We planned on about 75 kids with a few adults, and in the end we probably had about 50. I brought my three 12"-ers, and borrowed the Primary pres' 12" oven as well.

As part of the demo, we also made butter by pouring cream (with a little salt) in a jar. That got passed around from kid to kid, shaking it and rolling it as they passed. I tell ya, dutch oven-ed cornbread and fresh-churned butter. It doesn't get better than this!

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