Sunday, May 20, 2007

Today, I used my new 10” oven for the first time. I’d seasoned it after my Father-in-law gave it to me last week. I wasn’t sure what to cook. It’s Sunday, and I didn’t want to go shopping for ingredients, so I kinda had to work with what’s on hand.

Check the fridge, the freezer, hmmmmm… Chicken. Chicken noodle soup? Sounds good! No noodles. Chicken and rice soup? Yeah! With lemon juice! A quick check of the ‘net for a good recipe, and I’m ready to go. This one is derived from a Greek lemon rice soup recipe I found.

Lemon Chicken Rice soup

10” DO

17 briquettes below
12 briquettes for lid (griddle)

7 cups water
3-4 breasts of chicken, cut up small
1 sm-med onion
chopped celery (I didn’t have any, so I used celery salt. I’d rather use real celery)
parsley (I had some fresh stuff left over from the Kofta)
garlic (I have this jar of diced garlic, and I used about a tbsp)
2 eggs
1 c rice
¾ c lemon juice
Salt and pepper to taste (at least two tsp salt)

I started with the water in the DO with about 17-18 or so briquettes below. I basically packed in as many as would fit under the thing. Put in the chicken and let it boil. I’ve always had troubles boiling things in DO’s, but I found that it boils faster if the lid is on, even if there are no coals on top. I boiled the chicken 10-20 minutes.

Then I turned the lid upside down over some other coals (I have this cool little lid stand). I heated it with 10-12 more coals. I put some oil in the “divot” of the underside of the lid and let it heat. Then I pulled the chicken pieces out of the boil pot, shook the excess water off, and put it on the lid. I added black pepper. I stirred it like stir fry, but you have to be careful not to tip the chicken off the lid and onto the coal ashes.

While that’s brown ing, I pulled a cup or so of the broth from the pot, and added the eggs, whipping it all together Here you add the lemon juice. The original recipe called for only the juice of two lemons (about 5-6 tbsp). In the end, I could hardly taste it, so I added a lot more. You do it to your taste.

Finally, I returned the browned chicken to the pot, added celery (or celery salt), onions, garlic, parsley, egg mixture and rice. I covered it back up and let boil for 20 minutes to cook the rice.

That’s it! Yum!

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