Messin’ With the Recipe

By Mark Hansen with Jodi Hansen .

Some people I know
When they cook
Double checks the recipe
And follow the book

They measure every spice
They sift and pour
Doing to perfection
What’s been done before

No reason to question
No reason to doubt
Somebody else already
Figured it out
So why go
Messin’ with the recipe

Some people I know
When they’re in the kitchen
Work fast and free
With their imagination

A little of this and
A Pinch of that
What should we add
Well what’ve we got?

No time to wonder
No time to waste
Just throw it in
And see how it’ll taste
So why bother
Messin’ with a recipe

Is your life savory or is it sweet?
Is your life dessert or is it meat?
Do you like the smell?
Do you like the flavor?
Do you chomp it down
Or is it a dish to savor?

Now I’m not a chef
But when I’m cooking
I’ll have the book open
And I’m always looking

But I can’t ever leave
Well enough alone
I’m dashing, splashing flavors
Stirring on my own

Sometimes I hit
Sometimes I botch
But I always try
To kick it up a notch
Seems I’m always
Messin’ with the recipe

Repeat Bridge

Seems I’m always
Messin’ with the recipe

Here's a vid of me playing it!


Mark has discovered a love of Dutch Oven Cooking. Mark also has other sites and blogs, including and his MoBoy blog.
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  1. Mark....I love your Best Of The Black Pot! I am continually marking my favorites and scribbling down some spices in the side panels. In regards to "The Song" much as I love music, I am a total music doofus. That being said, what would you think about uploading "The Song" on your website? Just a thought. I read the words but cannot put a musical tune to it. Thanks and keep up the great work!! Colorado BlackPot Junkie

  2. Thanks so much for your kind words! I'm glad that you've been able to find some great recipes.

    My original intent was to record the songs, but soon after posting this, my music studio computer crashed, and I've not taken the time to fix it up. The song has an uptempo feel, with some kinda jazzy chords. It's a fun tune.

    My apologies for the delay, and thanks again!



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