Friday, July 10, 2009

Dutch Oven Gourmet Recipes

I have a bit of a problem with the word "Gourmet". It kinda comes across as a bit of snobbery. In a lot of ways, that's kinda contradictory to the spirit of the dutch oven. a "Dutch Oven Gourmet" is almost an oxymoron. On the other hand, perhaps a better word to describe it is a dichotomy.

A see a good example of what I mean, go to the IDOS World Championship Cook-Off and take a look around at what you see. You'll seen untrained chefs, talking to each other in a "good ole boy" kinda drawl. Instead of the formal chef toque, many are wearing cowboy hats. Instead of the double-breasted shirts of the restaurant, you'll see bandanas and bolo ties. And you definitely won't see any professional ovens or stoves.

And yet, the food prepared that day is world-class, five-star food.

So, what defines "Gourmet"? Well, that's a lot like asking what defines "Fine Art". It really is in the palate of the taster.

Anyway, as I looked back over the black pot and tried to remember some of the more Gourmet Dutch Oven recipes I've cooked, I chose a few to highlight on this resources post:

Now, here's my pathetic plea for comments and link love: What's the most exotic/fancy/bizarre thing you've ever cooked (dutch oven or not)? A corollary to that is: What's the most exotic/fancy/bizarre thing you've ever eaten (and lived to tell about)? Would you ever eat it again?


  1. It all sounds great. But I make a great fettuccini. And shrimp scampi in the dutch oven.

  2. Those are both recipes I'd like to have! Guest blog!

  3. I agree,the word gourmet can be miss understood as expensive food that has been over done and a lot of people just don't relate to that. The finest foods are those that start out cheap or mundane but when properly prepared, with love and time, become the most gourmet food there is. I have found that cooking outside,in cast iron only intensifies this experience and anyone with a little time and desire can be a true gourmet chef.

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